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Introducing Riley Ann, she was my first senior rescue from a high kill shelter. She taught me love has no time limits. I met her the first day of volunteering & I couldn't stop thinking about her. I remember asking a shelter attendant about her and they stated, "She will not go up for adoption because she has cloudy lenses & arthritis. A dog cannot have 2 conditions wrong with them and go up for adoption." It amazed me they failed to note the several mass cell tumors all over her body. When you volunteer at a high kill shelter the reality is healthy dogs & cats are put to sleep daily; therefore, if there is anything medically wrong it makes the decision justified. The fact is that it is difficult for rescues to take on the financial responsibility of animals with medical needs (although there are several great rescues that do) when there are so many healthy animals facing the same fate. After several days of networking I was able to medically sponsor  Riley through Nikeno's Second Chance Rescue. They knew a senior woman who adopted senior dogs. Suzanne was a wonderful woman & let me take Riley for weekend visits. I decided to take Riley to CSU vet hospital to have her numerous mass cell tumors checked out and the doctor diagnosed lymphoma cancer from a biopsy. I was devastated to hear that Riley had 2-3 months left to live. I asked Suzanne if I could keep her and she graciously accepted. Riley lived another 2 years without chemo, but though holistic medicine including herbs & acupuncture and mostly ♥ LOVE. ♥ When Riley passed over rainbow bridge I received a card from Terri, my animal communicator, that stated, "You are truly an angel that saved Riley and brought her to joy in a way she had never known. Your love healed her wounds." Let's all work together to heal the wounds of these animals because to the people that love them they are our blessings.

~ Margy

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